If you want something to put in those stockings this Xmas you can’t go wrong with the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster. One of the most popular Zhu Zhu pet hamsters this year will be "Num Nums" the hamster as these strange electronics pets  have become an unexpected craze and are to become a bestselling toy this Christmas 2011.

So What Do The Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters Do?

These electronic pets behave like real hamsters! Depending upon the environment encountered you will hear over 40 different sound effects. This toy does use batteries quite quickly but only needs 2 AAA batteries so stock up now.

You can test the toy in the demonstration "Try me" mode and if you switch this on the Zhu Zhu hamster will make a noise when you push his nose, even when he is switched off. If you’re looking for some affection from your pet you can put it in "cuddle mode" and this means that the Zhu Zhu Hamster will lie still and make cute noises every few minutes asking for a cuddle!

Many people think that "Play mode" is the best one to play with the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster in and as the name suggests this mode is fun! Just switch to the play mode and your hamster will shoot off on an adventure! The wheels that the hamster runs on are quite strong and if you put the hamster on someone's back it will be able to run up them so be warned!

Although the Zhu Zhu hamsters are well built there is a slight downside - sometimes they scurry off so fast you just need to be mindful that they don't fall down the stairs because they are breakable! Also another thing to keep an eye on is very young children as this toy does have working motorized parts so we recommend that you give to children aged 3+.

The Zhu Zhu hamster pets aren’t just aimed at anybody, they’re suitable for you as well as the kids so make the perfect Xmas present for all the family! If you want to go the extra mile you can buy a couple of them and have fun as they race around chasing each other.

Just make sure you keep an eye on where they are going, that there are no falls down the stairs and also that you are armed with enough AAA batteries as you won’t want the fun to stop for anything! Get yours this Christmas 2011.

Click here to buy for the US - Click here to buy from the UK

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